Welcome to the Delaware Department of Labor! Today is Friday, October, 09, 2015.

A Message from the Secretary

The Honorable John McMahon

The Labor Department's support to the residents and businesses of Delaware, along with this web site, is continually updated to meet the changing needs of all sectors of Delaware's workforce. Many challenges are met daily as the Department utilizes state-of-the-art technology and a well trained customer service oriented staff to better serve and support the needs of all of Delaware's employees and employers.

The Department of Labor and its partner, the Delaware Workforce Investment Board, strive to work together to help Delaware businesses build a strong and successful workforce. Visit the Workforce Investment Board to read about what role the board plays in job development in Delaware.

Information about how to locate a job, find and hire workers, and understand what the growing occupations, unemployment rates and the hot jobs in Delaware are in the Labor Market Information section.


New Labor Law Informational Poster Available

A new labor law poster that reflects recent and upcoming minimum wage rate changes is now available for download in English or en Español